Mr Romantic by JA Huss

Please read book one before you start this, you need to have the Mr’s in order.

Mr Romantic or more accurately Nolan is something else, he was so different, so complicated, so OMG I didn’t know…he was just everything and then some!

The story was unlike anything I had read before, it was sort of crazy and drove me crazy along with it.

And Nolan, wow!

I think he is the lynch pin to the events that have plagued the Mr’s but the story neither confirmed or denied my suspicions, and as expected the author is making sure that the guys that are yet to come have got more to say on the subject but when it comes to forcing the door open, Nolan wasn’t subtle he kicked it wide open and all because he wanted to show Ivy that who he really is.

I liked Ivy, but in all honesty I was a little worried about her connection with Nolan because I thought she was out of her depth initially. But I suppose that is what makes for such an interesting story. The two of them had a pull that others around them seemed determined to ensure came to nothing.

There is no similarity between Mr Romantic and Mr Perfect, well other than the fact they are both fantastic. They are poles apart in many respects but forever connected and I can’t wait to see how they fit in with the other three Mr’s that are too come!

One point: Please read the author’s notes at the end of the story on where she got her inspiration – they blew me away!

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