Captive Season 2.1

by Jillian Dodd


Ok, so it all kicks off again – Season 2 is underway and the shenanigans are just as explosive. God this series looks like it will keep me on my toes.

Riley is back and he is just as glorious as he was he was in season one. This sexy man is as powerful as he is handsome but he may have the world at his fingertips but what he want sand what he has are necessarily the same thing.

He may have achieved so much more that he could have possibly imagine and while he always knew is future lay behind the camera, he also knew who he wanted by his side – and not having her with him has until now that has been his biggest regret.

Ariela was Riley’s first love, but now she has moved to California the chance that they may be able to rekindle something is more than a possibility in his eyes, but all that comes to a screeching halt, when despite the fact that she has told him that she is in the midst of a divorce, Riley sees her in the arms of her husband. He will not be broken again by her and this time he will bring all the fury he can muster to his assistance. 

Retaliation or retribution be whatever it may, he decides to party her out of his head forever and gathers up his posse of friends and head to Vegas.

Has he finally reached his breaking point – is there any coming back for the two of them or will the events that unfold in Vegas leave the door on Riley and Ariela firmly closed?

Over and above the whole Riley/Areila situation I have to say the other characters had more than enough in this short story to fill a book of their own. I have grown to like Jennifer and Knox but their future is uncertain and as for Dawson I think I am beginning to turn a corner with the man – he is still a bit of an arse at times but I think he is getting there.

And the others have more their own issues to deal with and each and every one of them is finding that life, love and bad press can be a bitch!