Shouldn't Have You

by Carrie Ann Ryan

Book two in the Fractured connections series and it is everything that a great friend to lover’s romance should be.

Whilst it reads well as part of the series, I would have to say that I don’t believe that you really must have read the first book, this stood its own ground and read perfectly well in its own right. I thought that Harmony and Brendon owned their story and totally their honesty flew off the page, they were fascinating.

Despite the fact that they had been friends long before Harmony had met and married Moyer, Brendon never made a move on the woman that he had longed for what seemed to have been a life time, so when Moyer dies as a result of an accident, his sorrow at the passing of a guy that he had long thought of as a friend is tinged with a little more and it it’s just regret.

Harmony is facing a lot getting over the loss of Moyer, moving on eventually just as she knew that her husband would have wanted and had that been successful I think she may just have made a go of things, but it was an unmitigated disaster and she turns to her friend Brendon for a shoulder to lean on.

Of course, they both have feelings for each other but is it more than a life time of friendship? Is the emotion of the situation with Moyer colouring their judgement well there appeared to be only one way to find out!

The emotion of grief had a lot to do with the feeling of this book, they were both touched by a sadness that they only felt as if each other could share in.

With a moderate amount of angst this was a great read.


Topic: Shouldn't Have You by Carrie Ann Ryan

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