Flawed Love by Bella Jewel



This is the second book in the series and I would suggest that reading the first really is a necessity - the characters cross over from the first book, so it would certainly help to give you a more rounded opinion of them.

I will say off the bat that I had issues with some of the characters in the book but that the book itself as a great read – it was a bit of actions speaking louder than words for me

Rainer had been to hell and back and we are made aware in the first book that he is a bit of a dark horse so to speak, never too willing to show his hand clearly but this broken man was hiding another side to his personality, one that that it was going to take the right woman to bring to the surface but would Emalie be the right woman?

Emalie on the other hand – I wasn’t sure about, she had history with Rainer – they were in school together and had been almost inseparable from the age of thirteen but she may have longed to be more than just best friends when she was a kid, when he vanished all hope went with him but here she is a decade later and she was about to get the full on Rainer Torrence experience – it may not be what she had imagined!

Rainer has been through more in his lifetime to date than most but what he had now was a superficial existence, he was going through the motions and not really enjoying much of it along the way – he certainly wasn’t retaining any of it! But when he is confronted by Emalie and her friend it is her that is left bereft because even after all these years and all they had been to each other – he doesn’t recognise her. But was the reason more than just poor memory?

Now at this point most would either walk away with their tail between their legs and think to hell with it – finally closing the door on a man that obviously didn’t view you as you did him but Emalie isn’t most because she determines to make it her mission to get him to see her – or the incarnation of her that she is willing to present.

I was a little perturbed at this point – honestly I think I would have turned round, gotten completely drunk and told him to F**K off – finally calling the whole debarkle to an end but then I have never been in that situation so what do I know.

As Mali, she has more than a little success with the delicious Rainer but he has his mind elsewhere… namely Pippa, this is another tangent that I wasn’t sure about – she was with Tyke after all and to be honest I actually think she was a little too comfortable with his attention . There wasn’t a hope in hell that they were ever going to get it on but she never put her foot down and told him to wind his neck in – I know that opposite sexes can be friends but she knew that he had feelings for her – so I really was beginning to think that I didn’t like her too much and at this point I was also beginning to lose patience with Rainer.

BUT….. Ms Jewel had all my concerns under control because by the time the end of the book arrived I was completely au fait with what the heck is going on between him and Pippa and more to the point was clued in on the whole Emalie situation.

Now I have to say that these guys were not my favourites but the story they had to tell was tantalising and more than a little naughty at times.

I appreciated the connections that the author pulled together and the fact that she brought Rainers story almost full circle, she gave him someone who had known the Rainer before all his woes, someone that knew how to get to the man that he had buried so deep inside and I hope that in the next books we begin to see a different Rainer, a man that wears his heart a little closer to home.