by Katie McCoy

Told with a confidence that speaks volumes about the fact that this author truly got her characters and was determined to ensure that as a reader I would feel the same way.

I liked the fact that the author was willing to ensure that I had all the information I needed in order to truly understand who Dash and Paige were. To have an insight not into why they were doing what they were now but what had happened to them both in the past to bring them to this point in their lives and ultimately to have brought them together because from the outset this was a couple that had a future, no matter what it took to get there.

The story swayed and swished its way across the page and with Paige, Dash and the glorious plethora of secondary characters, this was a story that not only made me smile but brought a tear or two to my eyes on more than one occasion.

A perfectly blended romantic comedy.

Topic: HOT BACHELOR by Katie McCoy

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