Saving Our Hearts by Velvet Reed

I read Rhythm of My Heart on a whim but Saving our Hearts was not the same, it was read out of necessity.

The ending of book one had my nerves shredded while I waited on the second book being released and as soon as it was I had no choice but to open it immediately.

I was itching to find out the fate of not only Gracie but their baby.

The story has it all and as much as I loved the first book, I actually through this was better. It gave depth to not only the love between Cole and Gracie but allowed us a closer look at those who surround and love them both.

The connection between the pair of them is tested to almost destruction and OMG some people will do to any lengths to try and tear them apart but they are stronger than most and have one thing that stands them in good stead, the trust they have developed for each other- although it is hard work at times to fight through the smoke and lies that others surround them with, they only have eyes for each other and in this book, that shines through.

The author gave us a whole lot of information about the other people in their lives and set up nicely the books that are to follow, there is good things to come for many of them I think!

A sensitive, romantic tale of finding your heart’s desire and doing whatever it takes to make sure that you get to keep it.

Cole and Gracie were completely divine.