Always His by CA Harms

When Ryker walked away from Nicole, he took her heart and soul with him. But it was the biggest mistake he had ever made, even thought it was with the best of intensions.

Years later and the pain of him having left and the pressure of living in a small town mean that no matter how hard she has tried to move on the spectre of what she had and lost with Ryker has always held on tight to a corner of her heart.

So what the heck is going to happen when Ryker decides that he has been away long enough and he heads home with one thing or should I say one person on his mind …Nicole!

Well I have to say that the author put so much into these two characters that they were impossible not to love. Ryker never deviated, he was a man on a mission and as much as Nicole might have thought she could ride the storm, her heart (and the whole town) knew who she belonged too.

Nicole’s life isn’t as straight forward as it was before Ryker left, she has other considerations to take into account but is she fighting a lost cause when she is faced with the formidable force that is her man on a mission.

I was in no doubt that she was willing to forgive him but I just didn’t know if she could. He had a lot to prove.

The story was a blueprint for second chances, for working hard to right a wrong and for never settling for just enough, Ryker went balls out to get Nicole she was worth every second he had to commit to showing her that he was willing to do whatever it took.

An engaging and delightful read that brought so much to the table that it is impossible to pick out any one factor that was more important that the other, it left nothing to chance in its pursuit of the happy ever after that they deserved and that I had my fingers crossed for.

Topic: Always His by CA Harms

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