Going Back by Jennifer Young

I read the first book in this series and revelled in the beautiful descriptions and remarkable depth that the author injected into the story.

With this the second instalment she managed to not necessarily ramp up the quality because I don’t know that that would have actually been possible buts she did manage to intensify the drama.

We met Leona in the first book and got a glimpse into the bubbling feud that was still very much alive between her family and the Manfredi’s.

Despite the death of her grandfather it is clear that Manfredi family have no intension of allowing the troubles that have festered between the two families to die alongside the head of the Castellano’s.

Leona is not one to allow something that she feels is so meaningless to stand in her way and her trip to Italy is a way for her to prove that the feud is over or at least it should be, and when she starts to become close with Nico, the grandson of her tormentor Faustino, things begin to take a very interesting turn.

It was almost Romeo and Juliet like in the construction of the storyline, two opposing families, two star crossed lovers but there was nothing poetic about their situation, Leona was in real trouble and the threat was most definitely real.

But what could Faustino’s possibly have to drive the young lovers apart…well let me tell you it isn’t pretty!

I liked the attitude that Leona had, and boy did she have it in bucket loads. But when the wrath of Faustino Manfredi is directed at her, can she find the strength to stand tall or will his threats force her hand?

Again all I can say is that this author has a beautifully descriptive method of writing.

Topic: Going Back by Jennifer Young

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