The Wind Guardian by Frank Scozzari

This is a story that for all the right reasons is one that should not be missed.

In the current climate the threat that terrorism brings upon us all is all too real and the author presents a story that brings that undercurrent of suspicion clearly to the fore.

Set with a backdrop of the highly charged nuclear power industry, the author pitched this to absolute perfection because it was just the type of target that would be have the world holding its breath, and as the tale unfolded it had me holding mine.

The story was more than just dramatic, it was realistic. Frighteningly so in some situations, It had so much detail that it was enough to have me questioning the mere possibilities of what it was suggesting.

The prose was presented with an authoritive tone and peppered with such exquisite detail that it showed an author who was not only a master but also exhibited absolute dedication to his craft.

Cameron works the night shift as a security officer at the power plant but it is a chore to show any enthusiasm for a role that he would rather not be undertaking, he has had his fill and as such his lack of attention is hardly surprising.

He spend his time finding other ways to entertain himself, and having the wherewithal to spend some time on the clock with his girlfriend Grace means that while the job might not be his first choice it has its perks.

Had he perhaps had his mind on the job (the one he gets paid for) and not on the one he indulges in with Grace he may and/or they may have been more alert to the subterfuge that was taking place right under their noses.

I liked the way that the author is able to give his characters proper personality, he doesn’t just pay them lip service, he invests time and devotes attention to them and by doing so he affords them the ability to tell a story that as a reader you are captivated by.

The story brought forward thought provoking images, ones that given the opportunity as I read the story I have to accept was more horrific that I could comprehend.

A break from my normal reading genre but when you have an author this talented, reading is never a chore

Topic: The Wind Guardian by Frank Scozzari

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