Wrecked by Sarah Grimm

Emotionally wrung out, that is the only description I can possible give you for the way I felt as I read the last few words of this book, I think other may have already said it and if they haven’t then I am sure they will in reviews to follow but if ever there was a more apt title for a story then I am yet to find it because this book will wreck you!

Blind Man’s Alibi is the band but Joe Campbell is the main man and it is not a title he wears comfortably. Because like many that have stood in the limelight, Joe has an army of demons to keep him company. To the hoards that swoon over his sexy as sin looks, he is in a place that he neither or his band need him to be.

Emma is at his concert with a friend when Joe sees her in the front row, but can either of them face the darkness that they fight so hard to keep tempered, Emma has as much luggage holding her down as Joe but can they save each other or are the shadows just too much for them to shake off?

Can Emma, see past her impending situation and show this beautiful man that life is worth living and that he has to make the most of every moment?

Emma’s story was devastating, I was snivelling as it unfolded but I smiled at her attitude and her determination to live with what other may have buckled under.

The author has written what I can only describe as a must read novel, one that at its heart is about unconditional love, of learning that fate is often a better judge of what you actually need in your life than you are and that when you find the one person that your heart and soul belongs too, you never let them go no matter what, when you heart finds its happy place, you might as well hang up your gloves because there is no point fighting it…you’re a** is whipped!

A beautifully worked and emotionally devastating story that left a crater in my soul and a pile of disregarded tissues at my feet, tears flowed freely throughout but I would not hesitate to state that this is one of the most emotional books I have read in years.

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