by Kahlen Aymes



If you are looking for unique then Kahlen Aymes really should be one of your first ports of call because she delivers a masterful creation in this the first of her new series.

I loved the whole scenario that surrounds this book, the synopsis that this follows the actors selected to play the main characters from Kahlen’s hugely successful Remembrance Trilogy in a movie adaptation of the books.

The remembrance trilogy is the story of Ryan and Julia and no, I am not going to go into the whole story because if you haven’t already read it (and it is not vital that you have with regards to the is book) then I would suggest that you give it a shot when you have a moment, tuck yourself up in a comfy spot with a packet of tissues and enjoy a story of complete adoration.

But this is not Ryan and Julia’s story it is Caden and Brooklyn that take their rightful place at the helm and I have to say they were great characters who hooked me almost immediately.

Caden is an old hand in the movie business, he has been gracing the screen for years and this handsome, enigmatic man is every inch the leading man. His legions of fans have ensured that he is a box office sensation.

Brooklyn is new to the industry, with this being her first movie but she is more than able to take on her role and is determined to put everything that she can into it. And staring opposite the magnificence of Caden is a dream come true.

When they first meet the spark of lust is ignited and Caden feels an instant connection with his new co-star that he just can’t quite put his finger on. There is just something about her that has him drawn to her like a moth to a flame and the attraction I have to say proves to be mutual.

The situation is mudded by the fact that Brooklyn is already in a relationship with David and Caden is not prepared to be the catalyst in the demise of that relationship no matter how much he wishes he could have her to himself. I loved the fact that this huge movie star was so proper, so correct and willing to be so gallant. His feelings towards Brooklyn were far from insignificant to him but he understood that sometimes, no matter what you can meet the right person at the wrong time.

Brooklyn initially finds it difficult to distinguish whether the feelings she is experiencing are purely due to the intensely emotional roles that they are both undertaking or whether there is something between the two of them that they are fooling themselves by ignoring.

God, I loved the attitude that Brooklyn had towards the career she has chosen and the film, she sees it for the great opportunity that it is but she refuses to be drawn into the melee of celebrity that many a young woman in her position may revel in, she takes everything in her stride when it comes to her career but she is in a different place privately, she is in a relationship with David yes but it is far from straight forward, I got the impression that she had it in her mind that it had run its course but she was unable to see a way to out, I found this conflict fascinating, you would have thought the dichotomy would have been the other way round but that is the brilliance of the author, leading you as the reader into the unexpected.

The whole story is gentle placed before us and the romance of the whole book I thought was centred on the fact that the interleaving layers of emotion were unfolded slowly but surely before our eyes.

But of course no relationship ever runs one hundred percent smoothly, life gets in the way and events unfold that not only distract but detract from the two of them being where they need to be…together.

Brooklyn does her best to try to remedy the situation but in the end they have a decision to make and a future to embark upon, I just had to hold onto the hope that they would work through the secrets and lies and find themselves pulling in the same direction.

Caden and Brooklyn are fabulous leading characters in a book that oozes sensuality, smoulders with passion and showers you with a love that much like the characters they are playing in the film refuses to play second fiddle to anything or anyone.

I love this story already and won’t be content until I have the next book in my hand