Manwhore by Katy Evans



Some authors write stories that make my heart beat fast, others write stories that take my breath away – Katy Evans writes stories that steal my soul.

I fell in love with Remy when Katy released the REAL series and he is still my go to guy when I am feeling in need of  hug from my favourite fictional man ( said in light of the fact that my very real non fictional hubby would be most miffed is I did not make the distinction) but when Katy announced that she was embarking on a new project, I felt my heart torn, no-one can replace Remy and I was feeling disloyal by being excited by the prospect of which delicious character she would be able to conjure up next – and  I say conjure as a point of reverence because I am slowly beginning to wonder if the woman is in fact of magical decent – because a few pages in and I was completely spellbound!

The story may have its roots in simple journalism, Rachel Livingstone being tasked with the biggest job of her fledging career, a chance to save not only her job but the entire publication – the task, well that is no mean feat – it is to get the inside scoop on the notorious ladies’ man – the ultimate Manwhore – Malcolm Kyle Logan Preston Saint, the guy that leaves no stone unturned in his pursuit of pleasure and never leaves a party alone. This business demi-god is as powerful as any human has a right to be, has the swagger to melt the hardest of hearts and the looks that would make a nun blush with unclean thoughts but what he doesn’t have is the power to resist the pull that he faces when he comes face to face with Rachel.

I felt for Rachel and the undertaking that she had been given but I was completely encapsulated by the man that she had in her sights, he was quite simply divine. He oozed everything that an alpha man should but screamed vulnerable and lonely. He played with people but seemed desperate to keep her all to himself. He showed affection and changed his ways for a woman that he hardly knew.

The conflict that brewed inside Rachel as she fell under Saints spell was classic, it was the same old chestnut that constantly seems to appear, damned if you do and damned if you don’t but she knew that her fingers and feelings were going to be burnt and tried her best to keep the man at arm’s length – she failed miserably because Malcolm Saint had crept in under the guise of friendship and taken up residence in her heart and she couldn’t get rid of him even if she wanted too – she fell for the one man in the city that she couldn’t , or is that shouldn’t have and more to the point, I think he fell for her.

I loved the way the two of them became increasingly ambivalent to the pressures of the outside world as they tried to cocoon themselves in their own little world but I also loved the fact that the pressure and indications of the task that Rachel had been given and the effect of her failure was constantly looming over her. I hated the fact that when her agenda was broken by a spiteful competitor that Saint completely cut her off, I hated that he felt that despite her attempts to explain that she wasn’t worth his time.

I did however like the fact that Rachel used the only medium that she had available to her and laid her heart out in print for him to see – it was a brave thing for a young reporter to do when her career was all but in the trash.

And the ending – you have got be kidding me – I was left dribbling to myself as I chanted to my kindle – WTF!!!

Be prepared to be seduced, to lose a little of yourself along the way but you need to know that you will be giving all that up willingly Malcolm Saint is a force of nature, a man to be reckoned with and one that when push comes to shove will devour you’re from the tip of your kindle skimming finger to the pout that he can produce on your questioning lip.

Don’t take this man lightly he will blow your mind!