Claiming Her by Alexis Noelle

This book has one problem, it is too short. It is funny and emotional but I wanted it to last a little longer.

Jake was a super character, he was the perfect man in many respects other than the fact that he had a habit of getting taken for  a ride, he wore his heart on his sleeve almost and it brought him no end of heartache. Women used his kind nature to their own advantage, I wanted him to find a woman that would make and keep him very very happy – did he? Well I think he might have.

But with Nina he had his work cut out because she was so far off the relationship scale that getting her to even consider being together seems to have little if any chance of success.

Nina held herself responsible for the death of her sister – irrational and damaging but it is what it is and she has convinced herself that she has no right to be happy when her sister isn’t with her to share. I got the fact that she was missing her twin, that they shared a bond and that losing her was something that she would never truly get over but the whole self-deprecation bit …come on Nina loosen up.

She desperately knew that Jake was someone that she could bond with, a man that she wanted to be able to get to know but her masochistic tendencies were trying to push her to keep him at arm’s length and left to her own devices they would have won, but Jake was having none of it – he has determined to stand by her, to be her man and to be strong enough for them both. I give him 10 out of 10 for application, he certainly was a man of conviction.

I liked the relationship that formed between the two of them, they were completely perfect for each other.

The author gave me characters I cared about almost straight away and she allowed them to colour my path as I travelled through the book with them, one page at a time there was a slightly lighter and more intense feeling from them both.

I could have read about them for much longer but then again, would I have had the same reaction – I got what I wanted and moreover they gave me all that they were prepared to share.

Alexis Noelle dishes up a super book, in just a few short chapters he worked her magic and I was swept away.

Topic: Claiming Her by Alexis Noelle

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