Consent by AJ Rose

Gavin DeGrassi has retired.....

After the last 2 cases that literally nearly killed him, his lover Ben gave him a choice, me or the force. 

Not willing to lose the only true love of his life and his Dom, Gavin chose Ben.

Now though, his former partner, who also happens to be his sister in law is missing. Will his former colleagues help him to find her before its to late.

His brother Cole is a crime scene investigator and desperately wants to find his wife as he has seen some of the evil that can happen in his world. Security cameras pick up her kidnapping and now with his brothers help he goes to find her. 

Little do they know what horrors they will uncover as they delve into her past cases and find themselves mixed up in the trafficking of young boys.....

The people running the business want to tie up all loose ends and unfortunately for Myah, she is one of them. 

When she finally comes round she wishes that she hadn't. Drugged to keep her placid, she is subjected to torture and sexual abuse at the hands of several men until they realise she doesn't actually know anything that can harm them. Obviously though she can't be let go and the boss, who has taken a liking to her, doesn't want her killed. She is put to work as a sort of nursemaid come mother to the poor boys who are kept drugged and chained to their beds until they are taken away and used, then she has too look after them and try and heal their wounds when they return, both physical and mental ones. 

Although desperate to escape, she is even more determined when one of the boys turns out to be Marshall Schofield, the kidnap victim she met on her last case who she took in and started to love as her own. 

Having to venture into the seedy underworld to find her, Gavin,Ben and Cole are horrified at what they uncover. Will they reach her in time?, can the family cope with another tragedy? 

 This is a gripping instalment to a wonderful series. 

I give this book a 4.5 out of 5

Reviewed by Sue