Hetch by River Savage

There is just something about the way River Savage writes that has me by the throat!

I think when I first reviewed her debut novel I said that she had brought her “A Game” to the table, well numerous book later and she hasn’t let up on that quality because when it comes to finding words to adequately articulate what I feel about this book, not a lot are going to do it justice.

Liam “Hetch” Hetcherson is in SWAT and puts his life on the line time and time again but what he doesn’t lay out every day, is his heart, that he keeps very safely tucked away.

Life dealt Hetch a rough hand when he was witness to his father’s suicide and despite his protestations it has left a cloud that he just cannot escape. He has his coping mechanisms and primarily they are alcohol, women and attitude but not necessarily in that order.

The other guys in the team know that he is struggling but what can they do but be there to support him, they keep him up when he is down but when it comes finding his way forward, well that solution might just be closer that he could have ever imagined and from the most unexpected source.

Liberty and Hetch meet in what can only be described as “unique” circumstances. Really you need to read what River managed to dream up, it was classic!

But once they realised who they were and the connection they had shared, there was only ever one way this was going to end and that was between the sheets.

I loved Liberty, she was everything that Hetch need but didn’t know and through her he was finally able to almost heal himself.

There were a few twist and turns along the way but I don’t know that I can put everything that this story will make you feel into words. If anything that is the main thing I would like you to understand and that is that this book, make you FEEL. There are elements of this book that were so deeply touching and emotionally heart-breaking that you will need to make sure that you have tissues to hand.

I laughed at the banter and conversations, not only between Hetch and Liberty but also between Liberty and her BFF Payton.

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