Four Letter Word

by J Daniels


This was a story about finding the person you need when you least expect it.

Walking out the door on a husband that thought nothing of cheating on her Sydney is a feisty, funny woman who is ready to move on.

New job, new town, fresh start, she is ready to discover the new Sydney again but when she calls out her friend Tori’s ex on the phone for being an absolute a$$ the one thing she didn’t expect was for the guy to have no idea who or what the heck she was talking about?

One simple slip of the finger on the keypad and she has dialled a wrong number, one that refuses to be never heard of again. Their initial connect was brief and probably what you could describe as fortuitous but accident happen and there seems to be for a reason. This was two people who had no connection …finally finding they have the ultimate connection- their souls.

 Their flirty texts, their witty banter and the fact that for much of the story they were hiding themselves behind technology spoke to me. They both had things that they wanted to preserve as private, things that they needed to take their time about telling each other but when they meet…what then? Will the visions they have created in their heads live up to reality of will their illusion be shattered?

I liked the fact the author gave this pair time, time to grow top develop and for us the reader to get to know exactly who they were and what made them tick. I was willing them on from the side-lines, confident in the fact that they would be just what they both needed.

The way Brian encouraged Sydney, he brought out a side of her that she had long since side-lined, hidden away from not only those around her but herself. She settled for the domesticity of marriage and almost lost herself in the process…Brian was not about to let that happen again, he wanted the woman that rocked his world and he was willing to stop at nothing to make sure that she was happy.

And when it comes to rocking her world, there was nothing that Brian wasn’t going to be able to show her, he had that side of their relationship completely locked down, He set the heat to smoulder and made sure that she was ready to join him in the ash!

This was a super start to the series, it didn’t push any boundaries but it left nothing on the table either. The characters were strong and engaging and the situation while not unique it was certainly engaging. I finished the book with a flourish and a smile on my face, and very much looking forward to seeing where the next book and the situation with their best friends, Tori and Jamie is heading!

Topic: Four Letter Word by J Daniels

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