by Kelly Moran

From the first page virtually I knew I was going to love this book and as the story developed and I got drawn into the characters and their lives, I was not wrong…this is may very well be one of my favourite reads of the year to date.

I loved the way that despite his wealth, software superstar Xavier, was normal, he wasn’t perfect, far from it but while other might have perceived him to be a little on the cold side, I actually thought that nothing could have been further from the truth, he just hadn’t found the right person and so when he hired a Peyton, I just knew that he was stepping outside his comfort zone for a reason and it wasn’t just to do with business.

Peyton was everything that Xavier needed and with her by his side, he was the man that I think he was always destined to be, she gave him a grounding, that only enhanced a man that I had fallen head over heels with anyway.

Peyton, well she was my star of the read, she was such an amazing woman, with a heart the size of Texas and a love that knew absolutely no bounds, the way she was with Xavier was just so encouraging and so loving that it would be impossible to find a couple that were more perfectly suited. They may have dilly dallied somewhat around the whole employee/employer bit to start with but this pair were only ever going to end up one way, together!

A super emotional read that had pockets of humour and more than enough aww, moments along the way, simply put this was simply perfect!

Topic: Counterbalance by Kelly Moran

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