Good Girl by Christina Frank

I liked the scenario and overall I liked the story but I felt as if I was missing some of the details, I wanted to know why Noah was the way he was and I didn’t think that I got enough of that particular back story.

The deal was 6 months but it was never going to last that long, not if Gabriella had her way, she had it in her head that all she had to do was p**s him off enough and he would send her back home to New Jersey but this guy was unflappable, he dang if he didn’t appear to be psychic too. The number of times that she was thinking something, only for him to them pre-empt her thought or unspoken question actually stopped being cute really early on and started to get rather creepy.

There were aspects of his character that I felt needed more explanation and had we gotten them I think he had the capacity to shine, he was a good character he just needed a little polishing to allow him to sparkle. He cared for her that was blatantly obvious but I wondered why a man that was so used to having everything he wanted felt the need to proposition her, to buy her time, he never attempted to woo her so to speak, why not?

Gabriella thought Noah was hot from the minute she clapped eyes on him, but they were like chalk and cheese, his mannerisms, his insistence that she “behave”, his demand for almost absolute obedience would have had most women running for the hills not matter the terms of the deal they had brokered. I found some of his demands and requirements completely unreasonable but I think if I could have understood why he needed that total level of control I may have better been able to grasp the situation.

I got the situation with the swimming pool when it was clarified later in the story but I struggled with other questions: How had he made his money? Why was he so disparaging about his brothers? If they were also so bad why bother attending every family function? What was with the “flavour of the month” quip made by Noah’s brothers wives?

I got Gabriella’s history as the story unfolded and it was an interesting interlude to what was happening between her and Noah but there were holes in his back story that I wanted filled, I liked him and I think I just wanted to know what made him tick.

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