Outlaw Ride

by Sarah Hawthorne

3.5 Stars
I picked this up having not actually read the previous novels, but I don’t think the story lost anything for the oversight because it stood well all on its own.
I love an MC story, the grit and graft of the club and everything that makes the collective that has sworn themselves to each other work, and for the most part, I liked this, but I would have to admit that when it came to club life, the story was a little light.
But that being said, in the terms of the relationship between Clint and Jo there was nothing lacking, they carried the book well and I was surprised at the level of romance that the author put not only on the page but definitely between the lines, Clint was the type of guy I had pegged all wrong, I didn’t expect him to be a proper romantic, but I was mistaken.
He did his very best to woo Jo and to prove to not only her but in some respects to himself that he was a man that could be loved and that in particular that she could love.
Jo was happy in her own space, her issues with those around her and the implications that are both perceived and demonstrated concerning her ethnicity mean that she has built her wall and his happy to live behind it, I’m not saying that she is aloof, nope quite the opposite but she is mindful of who and how she interacts.
Could Clint break down that wall or was this a step too far for them both?
The book was written and I liked the characters, but I missed the MC

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