Alexa Loved

by TR Cupak


I have one thing to say to you before you read this book – BUY TISSUES!!!!

There is not a single chance that you will get through this book without having demolished a full box of tissues and having tried desperately to hide the fact that you are a snivelling mess!

I was ashamed of the state that I managed to get myself in and Ms Cupak you should be held to task for being the reason why a grown, professional woman could be found reduced to a snotty heap in the corner of the room!

Oh and by the way… I loved it!!!!

This story hits you right in the gut, it makes no bones about it – it aims straight for your heart and it hits you dead centre. There is no option here, you will be grounded!

The book has everything you could possibly want and need in a novel, it is packed full of drama, suspense and longing and when the secrets begin threaten the here and now – the results have the potential to be cataclysmic.

The detail that the author managed – no insisted on including in the characterisation was epic, she left nothing to chance, nothing open to interpretation – they were all complete – each one was as realistic as you could have ever imagined, it was as if they had taken shape and were dictating their story from the page. I was captivated by each and every one of them and for completely different reasons, as they all brought a little something different to the page.

Not everything is plain sailing but everything does happen for a very precise reason and that includes what I have to say is a very clever ending.

The collection of characters will keep you on your toes, they will make you smile and laugh, have you tearing your hair out and reaching for the fan to help cool the heat in your cheeks.

Served up over a generous timeframe with a deference to age and attitude, I must say that this is really one of the best I have read this summer – it held my attention, made me think and didn’t serve up anything that could be remotely described as routine, this was a work of pure magic!

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