Because of Liam

by Erica Alexander

Liam and River are a wonderfully sweet couple, and I say that having first flip flopped with my opinion of River for much of the early part of the book.

I just wasn’t sure whether or not I was actually going to warm to her, but I have to admit that she was just my cup of tea in the end, full to the brim with sass and with very little brain to mouth filter. You never actually knew what she was going to come out with next.

What I didn’t expect was her back story and because of that I found myself rooting for her and by the end I was totally won over, she is very easy to love, the walls she hides behind may be there for a reason but that doesn’t mane they are impenetrable and with Liam she has definitely met a kindred spirit because darn it he may give the impression of being a little rough around the edges but nothing could be further from the truth because he has a heart of gold.

From the outset they were sensational and something in each of them meant that they were automatically connected, their souls spoke to each other.

With a strong positive vibe and an easy pace this was a super read that had plenty of heat, plenty of attitude and more giggles that I could possibly count…highly recommended


Topic: Because of Liam by Erica Alexander

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