Healing Saint

by Lynne Leslie

It’s been a few weeks since I picked up a book in this field and I am so pleased that this was the one to break that dry spell because it was just what I needed to relight the fire.

Rebel and Saint were fabulous, I loved getting to know the pair of them but I will say that for as much as I thought they and their story was totally epic, that didn’t mean that my heart didn’t ache for the pair of them on more than one occasion, there were times when I could barely see my screen for the tears traipsing their way down my face…such a sap I know!

Anyway, what about the story I can here you say, well it had it all and a little bit more, it was passionate, packed with characters that oozed chemistry and that from the very start refused to go unheard. 

Saint had his agenda, he had done his time, begrudgingly for a crime he didn’t commit, and he was hellbent on getting his revenge, but would he get his opportunity?

Saint was a survivor, a spunk school teacher who had suffered not only a nasty car accident but also years of abuse, she was a strong woman but that didn’t mean that she wasn’t harbouring some pretty nasty physical and emotional scars of her past – could the beautifully tattooed teacher and the sexy as sin ex con tattoo artist find solace with each other or would the past stick its oar in what they could possibly have…a future.

Read in just one sitting, this was one I just didn’t want to part company with…loved it


Topic: Healing Saint by Lynne Leslie

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