Bound to You

by Vanessa Booke


Right this is three novels now in the one book and so I am going to whizz through them as they would have been individually and hopefully you will see not only the sense it make shaving them all together but also the fact that it is really a great story.

So first up we have Rebecca, have to say right off the bat that I liked Rebecca, she said what she had to and stood up for not only what she believed but also herself – when she caught her good for nothing fiancé cheating on her – she packed her bag sand left – New York here she comes! Nothing ever goes that smoothly and when she meets the enigmatic Nicholas on her flight she is not only game but ever so slightly attracted to this sexy man. New York brings its own set of trial’s, first it is the fact that in a city of millions she just happens to bump into Nicholas again while she is out clubbing but he hardly endears himself to her and things go from bad to downright bottoms up when she is hired by Nicholas’s father to work with him as his PA – life just got a tad on the fucked up side and neither Rebecca or Nicholas have any idea of the ride they have just embarked upon – well Rebecca may have but by the expression on Nicholas’s face by the time she has finished with him, he is wishing he had someplace else to be!

The story then moves to Nicholas, he is captivated by Rebecca even though he know that he shouldn’t. Rebecca isn’t his not even professionally, he is merely a means to an end or so he thinks – she wants to move up in her career and finishing an assignment with Nicholas will mean that she can move to one of the other more prestigious departments – if she is lucky. But despite her reservations and protestations – she can feel the chemistry between the two of them and while saving his bacon on more than one occasion may just be part of the job, the physical intensity between the two of them is difficult even for her to deny. But She isn’t going there, she can’t be the one to come between him and his fiancée after all it happened to her and she couldn’t do that to someone else and anyway it isn’t just that, that has her thinking about the past, hers has rocked up and put a spanner in the works!

Finally we moved to a conclusion, a remedy to the situation with both Nicholas and Rebecca. While Rebecca has enough on her plate with her ex and all his issues – really the man is a complete arse. She is also having to get her head around the whole situation with Nicholas and Allison – well I say get his head around it – honestly if I was her I would just knock her on her arse and be done with it – she was a monster of a woman and Nicholas deserved better!! While Rebecca does everything she can to do the right thing, Nicholas eventually grows a pair and decides to take the bull by the horns and do something about the situation but when his father issues him an ultimatum I honestly thought I had, had enough – Jesus what else could folk throw at them?

I had my fingers crossed that Nicholas would just tell his Dad and the rest of his family to get off his back and that he was going to do what he wanted and sod the lot of them and I hoped that Rebecca would be standing beside him when he did but did I get my wish well you will have to read the book to find that out but what I will say is that nothing worth having comes easy – So are this pair worthy of each other????