Tempting Tempo by Michelle Mankin

Oh lord, Sager where have you been all my life!!!

Sager is a gentleman in every possible sense of the word and up until now, he hasn’t actually had a lot to say for himself but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t actually have a lot to say because he does, he is just mindful of what he says and why.

From a childhood that was tainted with violence he has become the most amazing man with a heart and soul that almost defy description. That is not to say that he is perfect, far from it but he is perfectly able to get his point across. Although his poetic license is only tempered by the fact that he can actually keep a lid on his temper, only letting it out when absolutely necessary.

The band is his life but it is almost as if his connection to King is closer than with the others, they are as thick as thieves, but that is not to say that the others don’t hold a special place because they do, he wouldn’t be where he is without them and vica versa but can his relationship with the guys compare to what he feels for Melinda?

Because no matter what anyone else thinks, he “knows” who she is, he knows what makes her tick but no matter the opinions that others may have, including Melinda, he is resolute in the way he feels about her and he will not give that up…under any circumstances.

So with regards to Melinda, I wasn’t exactly sure that I wanted him to waste his time with her, I didn’t actually think she deserved him. Initially I didn’t see what on earth did he saw in her, I felt as if I was missing something? But I gave her the benefit of the doubt because of how I felt about Sager and I was pleasantly surprised that she started to redeem herself as the story moved on. Her back story cast a light on her past that I needed in order to see why she was the woman she was and why Sager was able to see her soul almost, there was a man on this planet just for her and that was Sager, that much I am certain about.

There were aspects of this story that raised my eyebrows and other bits that raised my soul. But most of all I found a man that brought a smile to my face and gave me hope.

For Sager alone this is five glorious stars!!!

Topic: Tempting Tempo by Michelle Mankin

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