Heartbreaker by Cole Saint Jaimes

When a new author comes out swinging like Cole Saint Jaimes does with this, you have no choice but to sit up and take notice and with this you really should pay attention because this clever, quick and sexy read packs and punch!!

From the first few pages the tone of the book is clear but the quality only becomes completely evident the further into the story you travel, this is written beautifully and with a deft touch that oozes not just sensitivity but sexuality.

Essie has had five years to plan her revenge, to formulate her plan against the man that took her beloved brother from her but when her opportunity finally presents itself, she is faced with more than she had ever anticipated because while she may have had everything in place, her heart is second guessing her and the delicious Aidan is more than she had bargained for.

Aidan’s brother was responsible for the Essie’s brothers demise and from the minute she approaches him he is wary that there is more to her than meets the eye. He knows exactly who she is and the history between his family and hers, he is perfectly well aware of her situation, he has made it his mission to know about her since he locked eyes across the cemetery all those years ago and now, despite all the heart break there is something about her that like a siren calls to him.

Living a life far from the one he would have chosen for himself, this reluctant businessman is as at home in his board shorts as he is in the boardroom. Suits do not make the man but this reformed surfer is beginning to find his feat in the world of business that eh now inhabits.

So can Aidan beat Essie to the punch? Can he figure out what is going on inside that pretty head of hers or will this feisty woman get the upper hand?

The setup was delicious!!!!

Aidan was so alpha it was difficult to see where Essie was going to fit into his world because to be honest she didn’t have a submissive bone in her body, but as with much in life there is always one exception to every rule and for Aidan, Essie was that exception.

This is brilliant and I do mean brilliant rush, it pulls no punches and calls it exactly as you would anticipate, the characters are blunt and straight to the point and my oh my, the sex is something else but is it all plain sailing- not a chance!

And to top it all there is a cliff-hanger at the end…really that is just not fair!!!!

Topic: Heartbreaker by Cole Saint Jaimes

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