27 Truths by MJ Fields

There are far too many superlatives that are both accurate and appropriate for me to use to describe this book but if I had to narrow down the field I would have to say that the books was emotionally damaging…not only to the characters but also myself.

The story is about Ava, she is Lucas Links little girl and from a very young age she had her heart set on Luke Lane…enough to secretly engage in a totally screwed up friends with benefits arrangement that seems to have done nothing but perpetuate her belief that one day he will love her.

Oh, Ava for an intelligent woman you are living in cloud cuckoo land, Luke is all but incapable of loving you or anyone else for the time being, his life in the military seems to has transformed him into someone with no capacity for love and who is little more than an empty shell. Sex is just that and act that means nothing to him emotionally so when she blurts out that she thinks they might be able to have more…his words are scathing!  

The spite and rhetoric that he unleashes breaks her heart, but I suppose that day was always going to arrive …the day she learnt that what the heart wants isn’t always what the heart either needs or deserves, sometimes you are worth so much more and unfortunately Ava just had her heart handed to her shattered on a plate by the one man that she always believed would own it.

Ava was forced to further compound her misery when she had to see him at family functions but it was obvious that the man that he was now was nothing like the guy they all knew and loved, everything about him had changed and it wasn’t for the better. But without direction and purpose he was wallowing in his own misery and as far as he was concerned she was the least of his problems.

I wanted so much for Luke to snap out of his funk but I get that his troubles have yet to be fully divulged, but I was struggling to get a handle on the guy, at one point I could have reached into the kindle and kicked his a$$ honestly he was beyond frustrating. While I had my head in my hands for much of Luke’s tirade’s I thought the honesty that the author put into how he was acting only served to enforce the sorrow of the situation that not only Ava but he was in.

Bereft from the heartbreak it was Thomas that stepped up and gave her a shoulder to lean on. He had, had a thing for Ava almost from the minute he clapped eyes on her but he always knew that he had to be patient but when his chance presented itself, there was no way he was going to let up until she could see that he was the man that could make her happy, he was the man that would always be by her side, he was the man that she could build her dreams with. Thomas showed Ava what it was like to be truly loved, he worshiped her and their relationship as much as it was held more depth than I had actually considered possible for Ava.

In true MJ Fields style the story was 100% realistic, she allowed them they happiness but didn’t colour everything with glitter, she showed that relationships take work and that they are an ever evolving thing, they have their good and bad times but they go through them together until one day…they don’t and mark my words ladies you had better have your tissues ready for this one because it is going to have you crying ugly!

I though Ava a little naive at first but that was when her heart was truly in control, once she found her stride I have to say that I actually thought she was one of the best female leads I have read this year, Luke, well I don’t think I can put how I feel into print…let’s just say wouldn’t be making his way onto my Christmas card list anytime soon!

But Thomas, oh my I loved him!

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