Escape Down Under by SM Philipps


The story of a rich, domineering Aussie developer Max Wild and London designer – Jess Townsend.

Flying solo in the world for the first time in 8 years, Jess has just parted company with her lying cheating arse of an ex, after discovering that he was finding it hard to remain faithful – yep that would do it and out he goes!!!

Never in a million years could she have anticipated what the future has in store for her and her imagination while it is more than capable of designing the most lavish and enticing of properties and interiors, it would have never been able to dream up the enigmatic Mr Max Wild – girls like Jess just didn’t get to meet guys like him or so she thought.

This dominant Aussie has other ideas and despite her best efforts to keep him at arm’s length – he is like a dog with a bone- he refuses to give up.


“Look, what do you want?” she pleads down the line



“You heard me. I want you. All of you Jess. Don’t tell me you don’t feel it because I know you do. Fighting will only make it worse sweetheart, believe me!


Like every great alpha male, Max does what he does best, Jess never stood a chance but she gets under his skin and the two of them end up in very unfamiliar territory. Max doesn’t do relationships and Jess has been there and is in no hurry to be hurt again and she can sense that Max will hurt her at some point – little did she realise just how profound that thought would be.

The relationship that develops between the two of them is very sweet and Max comes across as a good guy is a little guarded. He has a fabulous sister – Melissa and a not so fabulous assistant Stella – who needs a bloody good slap!

The situation when the pair of them arrive in Australia initially is great but life begins to get in the way and following a medical scare for Mal when he arrives in the country, they hit a bump on their road.

The end of the book, came a bit of a surprise, I suppose that is the mark of  a good story being told, when you haven’t managed to second guess the ending -  but did I like it – no, not at all – don’t get me wrong it was superb in the context of the story but it left me with a WTF moment, staring at my kindle in complete shock – I hate when a story gets to me in that way and I know I have to wait to get the next instalment –Waiting is not one of my strong points – but with Max and Jess I have a feeling that it will be worthwhile.

I have one point I would like to make to the author – it didn’t affect my enjoyment of the  story but did cause me a bit of confusion  - the names – Max and Mal and Jen and Jess – in the beginning I constantly found myself reading back to confirm who was who .

Overall, a great read , one that will hold your attention – and believe me you do need to pay attention and one that will keep you wondering – I was left with one little question that I hope is cleared up in the next book – Is Amelia – Josh’s mysterious Mike?

Rating 4.5 out of 5