Hit 'n' Run by Lori Power


My first book by this author and it was a revelation.

Each author has their own writing footprint so to speak, their own style and mannerisms and when you happen upon a new author, this style can be the make or break factor as to whether you are actually likely to  finish the book, no-one enjoys reading a book that is either poorly written or my personal peeve, too wordy. And although it took me a couple of chapters to familiarise myself with the lilt of Lori’s prose I was soon completely hooked.

The book focuses on Mitch and Lorna but it is more than your average romance, it had a flow about it that gave it a boost from the norm, it was packed full of both drama and angst but add in a healthy dose of intrigue and the book suddenly takes on a life of its own.

The connection between the two of them is rooted in their past, but it is the here and now that will define them.

Lorna isn’t proud of what she did all those years ago but she has done everything she could to possible do to leave that behind her. But your past has a habit of coming back to bite you on the butt when you least expect it and when she runs into Mitch, it may just be the fact that her time has come.

When a traffic accident throws Mitch in her path again, she is stunned to realise that while she may know the face, the name is not what she remembers – Why?

Mitch is relentless, this undercover cop is fighting to bring a drug smuggling ring to justice and he is almost there, but things are about to get a lot more complicated than he would have ever imagined.

 The Fong Brothers may be his focus but he doesn’t believe that Lorna bumping into him after all these years is a coincidence, but what place could Lorna possibly have in his investigation … if any?

The ebb and flow of the story was relentless, Mitch was so suspicious and that wasn’t helped by the fact that Lorna didn’t know just how imbedded she had become in his investigation, could he really suspect that she was involved.

And when she does cotton on to exactly what is going on, I was aghast at just how far she was willing to go to prove that she wasn’t who he thinks she is. She is one tough cookie, who has absolutely no intension of becoming a victim of hardened criminals, is she naive – no. She’s a single mother who has too much fight in her to be let low life scum take her future from her.

The spark between the two of them was catching, they had me in the palm of their hands and hanging on their every move.

I can’t wait for the next book and to get more from this dynamic duo!!


Topic: Hit 'n' Run by Lori Power

Date: 30/10/2015

By: Lori Power

Subject: Your Critique

Thank you for taking the time. Your critique is thoughtful and so encompasses exactly what I wanted to achieve with this book.
Thank you,

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