Top 10 Books in a Series by Becky Hyland

Consequences Series by Aleatha Romig

In this series there are actually five full novels and two novellas in this series, but I have only read the first three, which were all five star reads.

Book One, Consequences, introduces the main characters, Claire Nichols and Anthony Rawlings.  Claire wakes up in an unfamiliar bedroom, having been abducted by Anthony.  Through this book Claire learns to survive, following Anthony’s rules in the hope of escaping back to her own life.  I loved this book because of the roller coaster of emotions I felt during the read.  I gasped out loud several times at what Anthony did to Claire and found myself frantically turning pages to see what happened next... well worth a read. 

Book Two, Truth, continues the drama, both main characters playing complicated mind games, trying to control each other to reach their own goals, with both characters finding it difficult to tell the difference between love and hate. 

Book Three, Convicted, takes up the story, where against all odds, Claire and Anthony find their way back to each other but all does not end in happiness, and both finding out that there are always consequences for truth.

This is where I ended my journey with this series; further books provide alternative points of view and back story information.  This series made my list because this was the first set of books where I both hated but was intrigued by the main male character… I often found myself shouting at the kindle or thinking god he is just awful... yet I could not stop reading, perhaps in hope of a happy ending or if nothing else to see what else poor Claire had to endure.


Stage Dive Series by Kylie Scott

This series has four books, all involving a rock band, with each novel focusing on a different band member.  All four books were five star reads for me, I read them back to back in just under a week, they were all brilliant, however I must admit I enjoyed book two the best!

In Lick, Evelyn Thomas wakes up to find she married a tall attractive tattooed man, she soon discovers it is David, who plays guitar in the rock band Stage Dive... but she has no memory of the event! This book was a great introduction into the band and the adventure the pair go on is fun to read with David trying nudge Evelyn’s memory to remember her night in Vegas, and both find that their feelings run much deeper than they expected. 

In Play, my favourite book, Mal, the energetic and sometimes manic comedian shines.  He is the drummer in the band, and because he needs to clean up his image, asks good girl Anne to pretend to be his girlfriend.  He moves in to her apartment and her life and turns her life upside down!  Mal is over the top and hilarious and this book had me laughing out loud at his antics, as well as hoping for a happy ever after! 

Next, in Lead, Jimmy, the singer of the band, leads an unhealthy lifestyle of booze, drugs and women, and in an attempt to avoid yet another PR disaster, Lena is asked to keep him out of trouble.  It is only when Jimmy pushes Lena to her very limits does he realise that he may have lost the best thing that has ever happened to him. 

The stage dive series concludes with Deep, which examines the life of Ben, the aloof bass player who isn’t looking for anyone permanent, even when he meets Lizzie.  A random night in Vegas links the pair in a way neither anticipated, but will it end with a happy ever after for this couple?

Kylie Scott created a great series with the Stage Dive boys and I would highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys a fast paced funny, yet emotional read.

Beautiful Series by Jamie McGuire

This series involves two full length books and a Novella.  I read this series very early on, in my new life as a kindle obsessed book lover, but lead male character Travis Maddox, has been a firm book boyfriend ever since! Both full novels were five star reads.

Beautiful Disaster begins by introducing good girl Abby Abernathy, who trying to escape her dark past by starting a new beginning at college.  Whilst out one night, however, she meets Travis Maddox, the ultimate tattooed bad boy who as well as being a straight A student, wins money by fighting at night in an underground fighting ring.  A simple bet is undertaken by the pair whereby, if Travis loses he has to abstain from sex for one month, but if he wins, Abby must live with him for the same amount of time... either way Travis has underestimated Abby and doesn’t realise he has met his match! 

Each story has two sides however, and the second book, Walking Disaster gives Travis a voice, telling the story from his point of view.  I love Travis and I love this series!!

The novella A Beautiful Wedding, I thought was ok, not as good as the two full length books, but does give more to the story of the elopement.

Jamie McGuire has also started a spin off series, allowing the reader to delve into the lives of Travis’s brothers... Yes ladies, there is more than one Maddox boy!

Whilst Travis is my firm favourite, these further books, Beautiful Oblivion, and Beautiful Redemption are also worth a read!


Marked Men by Jay Crownover

This series involves currently 6 full-length five star novels, involving a group of friends, the Marked Men.  My favourites from this series is Rule, because it was the first introduction to this great group of lads... and Asa because I just wanted a happy ending for him! These books have interlinked characters and I would recommend reading them in order to fully understand how this group of different men and their families find that they their bond is what will help them survive

Rule Archer is a tattooed rebel who doesn’t have time in his life for good girl Shaw, even if she is the only one who really sees who he is.  This fantastic first book follows how this unlikely couple figure out how they can be together. 

Jet Keller, the rock star of the group, can not resist Ayden’s southern charm (and long legs!) This book has you asking whether the heat of this romance develop to a lasting love story or will they get burned in the process? 

Rome Archer, big brother to Rule, is stubborn, bossy and more than a little damaged from his final tour of duty.  Struggling to find a role in the real world, he meets Cora, who whilst she has control over the marked men, is looking for her perfect man.  Will she realise that whilst Rome is not perfect, some imperfection may mean happiness forever? 

Nash Donovan, meets Saint Ford having no idea that he caused her pain many years ago in school.  He cannot ignore the chemistry between them nor can he help but notice her desperation to get away from him.  In this book we follow Nash’s vow to win her heart and see whether Saint will decide if it is worth risking it with him again. 

Rowdy St James had a hard up-bringing, always told he was not good enough.  He decides to live life his way, not taking anything too seriously, and having a good time doing it.  A bad experience with love means he is determined not to trust any woman again.  Salem Cruz, enters as the new co worker.  She is a blast from the past, determined to show him that he had previously chosen the wrong sister… but will their new relationship hold strong when old relations reappear? 

Asa Cross has a dark history and is struggling to show his friends and family that he has indeed turned over a new leaf... Royal is a cop, who has a major crush on Asa, but is worried that his criminal record will impact her career… will Asa realise that he is deserves happiness and love too? This most resent instalment was to me the most emotional, as I just wanted to go into my kindle and give Asa a cuddle and tell him he, like his friends, deserved his own happy ever after!

What I love about Jay Crownover’s books is that she really brings these boys to life... whilst reading you get pulled into their lives and start to really root for them all to find happiness and a place in the world.  A highly recommended series


Corps Security by Harper Sloan

This series contains 5 full-length books and a novella.  These can be read as stand alones, but I would recommend reading in order to full appreciate these gorgeous men!  It follows a group of alphas, ex military men, who work together now in private security. 

This is an absolutely fabulous series with big highs and lows, emotional, sex and lovely dudes!  I loved each book, although I think Locke is my favourite one!

Each of these books follows one of the corps family, Axel, Cage, Beck, Cooper, and Locke.  Each of these alphas has their own story to tell, meeting equally strong women who tests them and makes them stronger.

In book one, the story starts with Izzy, who escapes an abusive husband and two years later is starting to heal, when evil pops up again shaking her resolve to live a more positive life.  During a night out with her friends, fate brings her face to face with a boy from her past who through no fault of their own lost touch but feelings never went away.  Coming face to face with Axel shocks them both to their core.  The need to protect Izzy overwhelms any anger Axel feels and I loved reading how this couple learn to love each other again. 

The next book gives Greg Cage a voice and you follow his story as he tries to protect those he loves, especially when he meets Melissa and fate rears its ugly head forcing Cage to reach out to old friends to ensure that Melissa stays safe. 

Next follow Izzy’s friend Dee as she meets Beck.  The attraction is instant and terrifies her but he goes to great lengths to chase her and make her his, a tragedy happening in the group which sends everyone into chaos.  Book four follows Asher Cooper, Zeke’s older brother, and how he tries to fill the gap left behind. 

The final book, Locke, is the best in the series for me, because we break down Maddox Locke boundaries, shedding light on his dark world.  I loved reading how the loved-ones in his life show him that it’s not the disability they see but the strong man he always was!

The characters in this series are second to none, strong alpha males, developing strong relationships with kick-ass women... and Sway what I can say other than to say you can never have too much glitter in the world!


Empathy by Ker Dukey

This dark series comes from brilliant British author Ker Dukey. 

So far there are two full length novels and a novella. 

It is billed as a dark sexy twisted romance and boy ain’t that the truth!

The series starts with Empathy, and introduces brothers Blake and Ryan who come from a destructive childhood, and Melody.  Ryan and melody meet during classes at college and strike up a friendship.  On a trip home, Melody finds a tragic scene which changes her life for ever and thinks she sees the person responsible.  At the beginning you think that Blake is the dangerous one, however, as the story develops, Melody becomes an obsession for both Ryan and Blake, with both men beginning to taking risks and Ryan’s dark character starting to shine. 

What I found interesting with this series was things are not always what they seem, and even as you start to grasp what Ryan is truly capable of, you can’t quite hate him!

The final scenes are disturbing and shocking but brilliant and will have you wanting more.  The Epilogue is fantastic and will have you buying book two instantly! 

Desolate continues the story some years later, with Ryan bring released from a mental institute into a half way house.  You find him still obsessed with Melody but also focused on her daughter Cereus.  The story follows Ryan as he continues his dangerous life, again fascinated with what lengths he will go to, to achieve his goal, especially when he discovers a kindred sprit in her, and how Melody and Bake franticly try to save Cereus from her uncle.  Novella Vacant starts with Ryan-obsessed Cereus who finds that she doesn’t quite fit in her normal life.  Her parents are terrified that Ryan will find her again and what that will mean for her future, but are Ryan and Cereus destined to be together no matter what?

This series is totally worth reading, the dark story finds you questioning what is right and charismatic Ryan gets you on his side, no matter what he does!


 Fall Away – Penelope Douglas

This fantastic new adult series comprises of four full length novels and a novella.

The story begins in Bully, where Tate and Jared, once close friends and next door neighbours and now sworn enemies with Jared determined to make Tate miserable whenever possible.  A break abroad gives Tate the resolve to show Jared that he can no longer hurt her and she starts to fight back, however when Jared tries those close to her, to get back at her, it threatens her resolve to stop him from wining.  Its only when Jared’s friend Maddoc starts to question why Jared focus so much energy making Tate miserable that you realise that hate and love are the different sides of the same coin.. If he can’t have her... no one else can! 

Until you gives the story from Jared’s point of view explaining why Jared is the way he is.  Rival focuses on other characters within the group of friends, maddoc and Fallon who both are reluctant to let their guard down but both have feelings they cannot ignore. 

In Falling Away, K.C, Tate’s best friend comes back to town to reasons less than stellar and leads her into the path of Jax, Jared’s younger brother!  As their bond grows, they both discover that deep secrets are stopping them from happiness, but baring the souls is not an easy task! 

The final book, Aflame, returns to Tate and Jared’s story where a break in their relationship caused happiness for both parties, but will they be able to sort their feelings and look towards the future... A must read!

I liked this series, because the characters were very different, from comedian Maddoc, to serious Jax, and secretive K.C.  The street racing team runs throughout the books gives a different back story from other books, and moving the focus of the main characters in each group kept the story fresh, whilst still seeing what the main characters were up to!.  A highly recommended series!


Sweet Home series Tillie Cole

Tillie Cole is a fantastic author and to be honest any book you read by her will be excellent.  I chose this series because of the character development and the emotional rollercoaster you are taken on.  This series is based around the football team at the University of Alabama.  You can read these books as stand alones… but I would recommend that you read them in order, as the side stories build and provide the reader with a more rounded experience.

The series starts off with Sweet Home, where Molly leaves England to assist teaching at the University and a chance meeting with Romeo Prince, football star changes both their lives forever!  Through this book you see their relationship is tested by sorority girls, his mother and a personal tragedy... and hope that their love is strong enough to survive. 

Sweet Rome follows the story from Romeo’s point of view explaining how his home life growing up shaped him into the man he is today. 

In Sweet Fall, you get to know more about Lexi, and the struggles she battles with each day... and you get an introduction of the Carillo boys, particularly Austin, team mate of Romeo and a man who is trying to get away from his gang past.  I loved this book because, for different reasons Austin and Lexi are going through significant personal troubles, but together they support and comfort, and in the end... save each other. 

The final book in the series, Sweet Hope is the best of the lot in my opinion, and had me gasping, crying, smiling, and gripped to my kindle from beginning to end.  In this book Ally Prince, cousin to Romeo meets an artist whom she admires, working with him to show his work in a gallery.  This dark angry tortured artist, Elpidio, finds himself opening up to Ally, and she finds herself falling for him in return, but when his real identity is known, will she be able to stand up for her feelings and will he be able to show his family the reasons behind the actions he took as a younger man.  Sweet Hope was a remarkable read, I wanted to reach into the book and hug him!


Breathing Series by Rebecca Donovan

I read this series early on in my reading and is often one series I recommend to people who are not into the darker sexier read.  The series involves three novels, Reason to Breathe, Barely Breathing, and Out of Breath and follows Emma who has a destructive home life but hides it from the world surviving day to day until she meets Evan one day at school and everything changes in one day, when someone is willing to fight for her and love her for who she is but will her relationship with Evan reveal the secret she’s been hiding for so long. .. Book one is a total page-turner and the ending had my heart pounding!! It will get you instantly turning to book two without pausing!!  

Book two opens with the aftermath of the chaos which leads to Emma in a hospital having counselling for the brutal attack on her, with Evan and best friend Sara at her side.  This instalment of Emma’s journey where she reconnects with her mother, a bittersweet experience during which her relationship with Evan develops but Emma also meets Jonathan, her mother’s new boyfriend.  The pair discover they have more in common than he does with her mother, he challenges her, and his dark past makes him a kindred spirit.  Another read that has you following with baited breath as angst and emotional continues, has Emma lost Evan forever? And will Evan unpack his boxes... Read book three to find out!

Out of breath concludes this fantastic series where Emma starts at Stanford University a mere shell of her former self and tries to find herself again, making new friends along the way.  Randomly at a party she meets some boys who know who she is... that she’s Evan’s Emma... and she realises that she is in the company of her friends!! Her relationship with one guy, Cole develop, but the death of her mother sends her back home and into trouble again, struggling to come to terms with her emotions, but Emma must find away to put her demons to sleep, to move on and receive the love she deserves.  Read this final book to see whether Emma finally finds her place in the world and wins back the love of her life!

A brilliant series... totally worth reading!


This Man Series by Jodi Ellen Malpas

The This Man series is comprised of three books, This Man, Beneath This Man, and This Man Confessed.  You could argue that this is the British answer to fifty shades of grey... I however would answer that this is a better-written story with characters with more depth and really deserves to be recommended on its own merits!  Jodi has created a great British drama where interior designer Ava, meets The Manor owner Jesse Ward.

Expecting to be asked to decorate a country house, Ava has no idea how wrong she is when she meets the gorgeous confident Jesse.   This Man depicts the journey the pair go on where Ava despite fighting her attraction, is unable to avoid the attraction, with Jesse refusing to let her go.  Their passion comes with big highs and deep lows, and it all comes to a head when Jesse’s dark past raises its drunken self and threatens to destroy it all.

Beneath This Man picks up the story five days after the end of book one, with both main characters reeling in the aftermath of the destruction their passion and intensity lead to.  Ava had to leave to save herself, but can she stay away knowing that she may be the only one to save Jesse from himself?  I loved reading how Ava and Jesse find happiness again in this instalment of the This Man Series. 

The series concludes with This Man Confessed, which starts at their wedding day, where Ava knows that Jesse’s fierce passion runs deep, and when a revelation comes to light, it threatens to spoil all the happiness they finally found.  A must read to find out whether they survive this final instalment! 

One final thing... the epilogue – Five years later from Jesse’s point of view... well there are no words... I just wished there was more of his version of events throughout this series!

Another great highly recommended read!