Absinthe of the Heart

by Monica James

A friends to more read that was difficult to put down…eventually!

I can’t say I totally got the whole enemies vibe that was going on to begin with, these two had lots of differences yes, and family history that seemed destined to have its say long before the pair of them were even old enough to form their own opinions, but it was that drive to despise that in my opinion was their ultimate undoing, nothing more corrosive than an almost pre-disposition of distain.

The story is about London and Holland, whilst he has had everything a kid could possibly want n life and she has gone without, the one thing that he covets is something she has never had to even think about…the love of parents, because for the golden boy, the most popular kid in school, his old folk barely acknowledged his existence.

Holland has had an indifference towards London that she has cultivated over many years, certain of the fact that this is a boy that is no good and that she must steer well clear of but what happens when all the advice of others just isn’t enough to stop your heart from wanting the one that is forbidden? Well for Holland that was very much the reality because try as she might she just couldn’t help but be drawn to him…but can hey find a way to have what no-one wants them to have or will they be swallowed into the vortex that is their family feud?

There were twists and turns all along the way, some moments that had me wondering whether I had missed something and some of the chapters where I was feeling very smug with myself as I had worked out the direction they were going.

With some super secondary characters, it would be remiss of me not to say watch out for the ending you may need tissues!!!

Topic: Absinthe of the Heart by Monica James

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