Surviving Brooklyn by Elizabeth York

Jeez, for a debut novel this leave many others in its wake!

So what has me reaching for the superlatives – I would struggle to narrow it down because the whole book is just fantastic.

Brooklyn has just started as the Assistant District Attorney but there is more to her appointment than just her super skill. The city is reeling under a spate of recent murders and Brooklyn unfortunately bears a striking likeness to the victims, so catching this killer has taken on a whole new urgency.

Working with her friend and New York detective Mark, Brooklyn sets about the search before the killer gets his sights set on her!

There is so much going on, on each and every page that my mind was awash with leads, secrets, angsts and misgivings but they were all blended so carefully together that I felt as if I was being completely dipped into the events as they unfolded.

The situation with Brooklyn and her father is complicated, she had gone into the one career that mean she is the polar opposite of her dad, she upholds the law while he breaks it at every available opportunity and he does so from on high, as an all-powerful crime boss. But when he becomes the focus of the killer, Brooklyn has to put her contempt for his activities to eth back of her mind and do what she can to protect him no matter how much he doesn’t want her assistance.

But she can’t do it all alone, she has to lean on the one man that has her back, Mark can he help her protect her reluctant father and more to the point can he protect her not only from the killer but from the secret that he had hidden from her.

While Brooklyn is willing to open her heart to Mike, he feels that they have no future but can he see the light and understand that to win his woman he had to start by accepting that what is in the past does not have to control his future. He has the power to change his fate, he just needs to put his heart not only into moving forward but has to put it on the line too.

A completely astonishing story that held my attention from start to finish and which has firmly ensconced itself in my top ten of the year so far.