Love Hurts

by Mandi Beck


This is a belter of a book and for debut novel I have to say it hits all the right marks!

I’m going to dive right in because the characters in this book are too good to leave hanging around for too long – especially Deacon- dear lord where am I supposed to start with the man, I mean I know where I would like to start but that is an image me and my brain will be keeping to ourselves.

Deacon is – hell, I’m stumped, he just IS!! This sexy as sin alpha man is ex forces, full on fighter and lover of anything with a pulse that he takes a liking too. He is demanding and complicated and because of that this is one book that I found that I slowed myself down to read. No skimming, I devoured each and every individual word. He has no filter in anything he does – he says- oh ab boy does he have a filthy mouth!!  And does exactly what he pleases and makes no bones about it – a real take him or leave him type of guy – I think I will take him please!!!

Then you have the only person that he has ever truly coveted and cared about – Frankie. This tiny woman is enough to have him on his knees. She is a dancer who has been up brought up practically living in her dad’s gym, surrounded by an army of hot guys that are prepared to protect her at all cost. But they all know that she belongs to just one of them and be they his brothers or not – she is Deacon’s!

Just a shame that Frankie isn’t quite ready to get on board with that train of thought for the minute, she loves him but as a friend – what is she stupid!! Whether she had given any consideration to the fact that they belonged together or not –it was a plain on the nose on her face that Deacon would have to be carried out in a body bag before he would let anyone else have her.

She was frustrating at times and deserved a slap upside the head but then she showed me another side of her and my Ahh!! Factor emerged and my heart melted. But she is worth the effort.

Their story isn’t straight forward, where would be the fun in that – it is full of emotion and littered with complications, it will have you snivelling into the nearest tissue at points and that ending – it was bring out the wine time – heart-breaking!

I know a cliff hanger isn’t everyone’s idea of a perfect ending but this book is worth it and I can’t wait to read the next book.