Private Performance by Reese Galloway


I wasn’t sure what to expect when I opened the first page of the story but when I got into it, I have to say that the story took me by surprise.

The book revolves around  Xander and Ellaine, and they both have such character and depth that I am a series devotee now.

Ellaine has recently been through a tough divorce and is setting out again on her own and embracing everything that life has on offer. Good on her I say!!! But she plays her card very close to her chest when it comes to all things romance, simply put… initially not interested!

She has the perfect job, one that means that she can liaise with everyone in the company and use her talent and people skills to put on the most amazing events for the Aquarium and it sponsors.

Despite her reservations and serious dislike for all things magic, she has no option but to hire Xander (a retired magician) to appear at a birthday party being held by one of the major sponsors.

But when he shows up, he better have some more intimate skills in his repertoire because the chemistry between the two of them is about to take them both by surprise.

Forced together, sort of by Xander’s friend and Ellaine’s assistant, they both have the meddlesome Brissa to blame for their situation but what did Brissa know that they didn’t because no matter how hard they try, there is no denying that fact that there is definitely an attraction between them and something is going to have to give.

Ellaine tries desperately to keep things professional but when this seriously hot guy is showing interest, how is she supposed to walk away.

Once bitten twice shy is the ultimate undertone of the book, Ellaine has had her heart broken before, so guarding it well is her main priority and as delicious and Xander might be, he also has the power to be hazardous to her heart.

Could he win her over – I had everything crossed.

I liked Xander, he was a nice guy, and when they final got their act together so to speak it was just as I would have hoped.

Can’t wait to start book 2