Ricochet : Locked and Loaded by Heather C Leigh

There appears to be a plethora of novella series around at the minute and I have to say that usually it is not my preferred way to read a story but this with this being part one, I have to say that overall it is actually really good.

The story is based around Rick and Quinn.

On the run and desperately trying to lay low, Quinn has suffered years at the hands of her husband but as glad as I am for the fact that she has gotten away from an abusive situation, and as appalled as I am that her husband is a police sheriff, I can’t help but think that the situation is far from over and he will be back to blight her life in future releases.

Quinn has made her way to stay with an old friend of her fathers. She knows he will keep her safe but what she doesn’t know is that the gym he runs is far from what it appears to be – it is the base for a team of special ops guys who fly under the radar but not off the books of the governmental authorities because if you need something doing and don’t want to leave your mark – then this team is the one you go to.

Oblivious to everything that Mack is involved in Quinn takes a job working the reception at the desk – and it is here that she is meets Rick.

Rick (aka as Ricochet) is taken by Quinn from the minute he sees her but he isn’t too sure how to handle the fact that he seems to push all her panic buttons.

I got why she was the way she was around men for the most part but I questioned why someone so afraid would work in an environment where she was going to be surrounded by men all day every day.

I like the way the author is trying to take this scared woman and endeavouring to show that once beaten does not mean that her life is over – that she has the chance to move on and to find love with Rick but I also have a sense of foreboding that the two of them have bigger hurdles to overcome.

The whole situation needs clarity for me and I hope that I will get that when the next book is released but as it stands I am left with more questions than answers