by L.P. Dover

There is never a dull moment when you pick up an LP Dover novel, she packs them with not only details but anticipation. Each Genre she tackles, she masters and with this her latest release, she hits you right in the solar plexus with an intensity that didn’t give up its secrets easily, I was in two minds right up until almost the very end about where it was heading!
I love the mystery that unravelled, the details were plentiful but never too revealing, the author ensured that the characters slowly allowed me to stew what exactly was happening and why
I begrudgingly had to lay the book down, despite my best efforts at keeping my eyes open but I have to say that it was a fight, I simply didn’t want to stop, from start to finish there was so much going on, so many twists and turns that I was agog, just wondering when it was all going to end.
Although I would like to say that as much as I appreciated Ellie not really knowing what to do with the text messages…come on woman let your hubby in on the situation. I thought she waited too long, they were in a good place, she had no reason not to tell him, darn it they were looking to have a family! But other than her being a stubborn woman, liked her and when her mysterious texter racks things up to a whole new level of crazy, it as Ellie’s husband jack that was in the firing line.
A super quick, super smart read. It stitched all the variables and made sure to keep the what if’s coming thick and fast.
A romantic suspense of the very highest order

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