by Stephanie Witter


Totally loved it! From the first to last page, I was devoted.
Maxen is the man! I found him brutally honest, either unable or unwilling to sugar coat anything, he spoke his mind no matter what happened to be on it, his brain to mouth filter was non-existent for the majority of the time and for me that meant that whether I was supposed to or not I found him hilarious, I adored him
Drummer, with the band Kinky Shine, Maxen is well known with the ladies and does nothing to shy away from the reputation that he has but that doesn’t mean that he has forgotten the events of five years ago in Vegas…the night he not only got married but also the night his bride left him!
Lark is the woman in question and their connection has lasted a lot longer than the ill-fated five years that they have been surreptitiously married, but that fateful night is causing issues now that her boyfriend has popped the question and she has had no option but to turn him down…s**t!
But how to you get your sexy as sin hubby for the last five years, who you have never even kissed to give you a divorce, especially after it is you that skipped out on him. I had a feeling that Maxen wasn’t exactly going to welcome her request with open arms…so let the fun and games commence?
Once Lark was back I couldn’t help but see a difference in him, it was as if he was looking at his options and reassessing. Lark had her work cut out to get her quickie divorce …if that is actually what she wants because back together there was plenty of to discuss and more than a few emotions to deal with. No matter how much the tried to deny the connection between them, they were fighting a losing battle, the chemistry was undeniable, and the author handed them to us on a silver platter- I revelled in the emotion of their situation, the vulnerability of the two of the two of them and the sizzle that emanated from them.
I can only say that read was fantastic, the flow was perfect, and the writing was fabulous…the only problem…putting it down!

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