by Kathy Coopmans

Well, that is the way to spend an afternoon!

I just love a man with a filthy mouth, and I am darn sure you will too by the time Jude is finished with you.

There was a hint in the first book of the series (Riddick) that there was a little more having gone on behind the scenes between Vivian and Jude and the author doesn’t make you linger long before she tells all. Jude picks up right where Riddick left off and while this is a standalone, I don’t think it would do you any harm to read book one if you haven’t already.

Although Vivian made her decision and is standing by it, that doesn’t mean things are easy, especially when she is faced with working with Jude again. But what makes things even more complicated is the fact that this time Jude isn’t willing to take the situation lying down anymore, he knows he has to remedy what happened and nothing is going to stand in his way, not even Vivian.

It was amusing to watch this feisty, independent woman fight the inevitability of her situation because no matter how much she thought she could keep Jude at arms-length… the reality of the situation was something entirely different. I liked Vivian but I loved Jude and I have to admit that I was egging him on all the way.

Vivian wanted to believe that she could have the normal, the white picket fence and kids but her normal didn’t come in the shape she thought it would, her normal came in the guise of a rough around the edges cop who not only speaks out of turn but puts his foot in his mouth while he’s at it. But when he put his mind to it, he had every part of me swooning, this guy was fabulous. Yep he made mistakes yep he said things he shouldn’t but was it going to cost them both a shot at being happy?

I had everything crossed that Vivian would be able to see through the bravado and see the soul of a man that was really trying to correct a mistake that he absolutely regretted. Would she be willing to accept that this was the man that her heart had picked for her or was she going to suffer again as they threw away the opportunity for they HEA?

There was so many layers to this story that it is difficult to actually decide what to concentrate on. There were a plethora of twists and turns, happening and hindrances that only added to the fact that the book was a real page turner.  It wasn’t only Jude and Vivian that kept me absorbed, Cora and Riddick make an appearance as does Ethan and we also get a taste of Tyson and with his book up next I have to say I like what I see so far, this guy has a story that is screaming to be read!


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