Loyalty and Lies

by L A Cotton


This was more than I anticipated when I read the initial synopsis. I hadn’t bargained on the book being as emotionally intense as it is.

It is written beautifully but then again when you are able to pack as much of a punch, there was never any chance that this was going to be below par, it set off on a high note and never looked down.

Ana and Jackson were seriously hazardous to my health – on more than one occasion I thought my heart was going to literally break for the two of them.

Ana( aka Savannah) was determined to leave her past behind her and in her desperation to get away from everything and everyone that had blighted the eighteen years that she had spent on this planet… she does the one thing that certain to get her off their radar – she moves to the other side of the country.

College is her escape, her chance to start afresh and to forget.

So her first semester at Chastity Falls was going to be a re-invention so to speak, a chance for Ana to be the woman she wanted to be, maybe keep her head down, get on with her studies and live a quiet normal life but Chastity Falls is not the shy retiring college she had anticipated, this place was buzzing and keeping a low profile was not an option.

Meeting Jackson was something that she hadn’t anticipated, she wasn’t looking for a man and if she had been, someone like Jackson might not have been her first choice.

Heck some of the times I found him hard work – he didn’t exactly make himself easy to like with some off his antics, really he needed a swift kick up the behind!

But when he got it right, when he switched on the charm and let the real Jackson out to play the man was a class one dream and I could then understand what Ana saw in him.

He made her heart feel just that little bit lighter and brought a much needed ray of sunshine into the life that she liked to live in the shadows.

But with college come the much anticipated angst of youth, the lies, treachery and subterfuge that youngsters seem to thrive upon and which when heaped upon an already floundering Ana, leave her completely drowning in what if’s and maybe’s.

The storyline was easy to follow, the characters easy to fall for and the lies were easy to hate but the book that was easily five star!!

Topic: Loyalty and Lies by L A Cotton

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