Risk Me by Lexi Scott

Risk Me Cover


I suppose in days gone by this would almost be classified as a fable or perhaps a parable. A story that comes with a moral tale woven in its fibres. Because this is one of those books that as you read the words you can’t help but think, why?

Not as in why are you reading, No let me clarify – it is a meaning of life type Why? a good hard look at the world Why ?and a long drink from the pool of reflection Why?.

This is a sit up at take notice of me story that when you have finished you will heave a sigh of relief and maybe even think there but for the grace of god!

The start of the story takes time to warm up, or I found it did anyway – but it was laying a foundation – a funny albeit but as the book progressed I was thankful for that time the author had taken because her diligence had given the characters substance and brought their feelings to the forefront, it totally gave what they were experiencing credence.

The book centres on Maren and Cohen, co-workers with a more tangible connection than either of them are ready to admit. The banter between the two of them by both telephone and text was just so funny, I couldn’t help but chuckle but life had them both in different places for the time being.

Cohen relationship was over and his dating was quite simply a fiasco but Maren was trying to help but when they eventually meet there is only every going to be one outcome and  one very determined man, in pursuit of it!

It was a shame that Maren isn’t ready to meet his demands, right off the bat but she had her reasons, She has a life that has almost driven her to submission, she couldn’t possibly add another stressor into what had her already barely hanging on.

We get the back history of Maren later on the book but Cohen was never going to allow her to slip through his grasp and together they face the world head on.

This is a story that gives them the opportunity to grow, to understand and to succeed.

They each learn that learning to accept who you are is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

When you are comfortable in your own skin you can achieve, because then and only then are you working towards a goal that is within your grasp, the true you!