Broken Surrender by Lori King

A superb addition to the series.

A life in the military had always been Sarah’s aspiration but when she is left disabled everything she has ever dreamt of goes up in smoke.

Life is harsh, she undergoes so many attempt to try and rectify the damage the bullet caused but she has no option but to shelve her military career.

Life in Stone River is a constant round of pain, both physical and mental.

But worst of all is the fact that Sarah lives thinking that she is destined to be alone almost, allowing her disability to define her. I understood why she would feel that way but I didn’t like that she succumbed to that disillusionment.

Stone River might turn out to be better than she had anticipated when she meets Silas White and when his brother Jeremy enters the fray, it definitely took on a brighter outlook, but no matter the attraction, there is still a seedling of self-deprecation when she allows her disability and the fact that her injury and surgeries have left their marks on her skin.

No matter how much she likes the guys, and they have left her in no doubt that they both like her, she doesn’t want to hold them back, and she is convinced that they can find someone – that they should find someone better than her.

But both Ryker and Silas, don’t want anyone else, they want her and they’re not prepared to let her insecurities deprive them of the object of their desires. They have to let her see just how much she means to them.

I liked the guys in this book, they were emotionally very sensitive to Sarah’s needs, but with the fact that Silas had served in the military he had his own share of issues and the author covered them too. They were so rounded, so complete that this book, I could not put down, it too really aspects of life, of people’s lives who were not perfect and showed that we all love in eth same way, without hearts, not the external packaging… it is what he hold within that makes us worth loving and these three were the epitome of that.

Their hearts loved completely and with absolute perfection.

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