War by Isabel Lucero

Some people ask the question what exactly would you do to protect not only your future but also the legacy of your past but that is not the case with either Chevelley or Xavier, because with them both the question really needs to be “What wouldn’t you do?”

War is not exactly as you would anticipate from the title, it is so much more – it is as hostile and belligerent, almost as much as it is intense and nefarious, but ultimately it is emotionally thrilling.

Daughter of the legend that is Memphis Reed – Chevelley finds her world well and truly turned upside down when in the space of a day she not only has to get her head around the fact that her father is missing, assumed dead but also that with him not gone – she has to take her place at the helm of the organisation that he has ruled over for so long.

His iron fist may be missing  but Chevelley is no little miss herself, this balls to the wall woman has her feet planted firmly and her head screwed on and there is nothing that she is not willing to face in order to ensure that her father’s legacy and their business does not fall apart.

She has one task now and that is to insure that the business does not falter and that the wolf that is beating a path to her door, knows that he will leave empty handed because she will do whatever is required to protect and provide for the guys in the crew that have both her love and respect.

But her father’s demise brings forward questions that require resolution, what path had he been and where exactly does Roman Rios fit into the picture because this dangerous man appears to be the lynchpin to the events that she is now surrounded by and with the threat that he poses to her family and business, Chevelley has her work cut out if she is ever to achieve her goal.

Xavier Delgado is Roman’s right hand man, the type of man that a woman would be well minded to

steer well clear of but Chevelley and Xavier have history of the most intimate kind and as her achilles heel he has just have walked back into her life and be about to try and tear it down.

Xavier isn’t the man that Chevelley knew before, hell he barely knows himself anymore, since join Roman he has done and seen things that have made him a shadow of the man that she loved so long ago.

But how far will is memories and conscience allow him to go when it comes to her, because once the war between the crews take a hold – sides will have to be selected and choices made, no matter how difficult they may be but can he face the love he had and ruin her again or will she stop at nothing to protect the lives of her men.

The connection between Chevelley and Xavier is as intense as it could ever be but the situation that surrounds them is far from what either of them would have wished.

The story will completely take your breath away – it had me furiously turning the pages to get my fix of what was coming next, it made the blood flow through my veins just that little faster as the intensity stepped up a gear and the lies that instigated the betrayal that was surrounding them ebbed and flowed.

This book will floor you with the overload of emotions that will run rampant through you as you career toward the last page.