Poughkeepsie Begins

by Debra Anastasia


So as we come to the end of this truly fantastic series, we finally find out how it all began!!!!!

Blake Hartt, Cole Bridge and Beckett Taylor are brothers, not by birth but in every other sense of the word.

They live and would gladly die for one another.

Being brought up in the foster system is not an easy thing but with each other they survive.

This last placement had been the hardest, Rick was an evil man but they shared the beatings and the pain, if only to protect the other kids.

Constantly shunned at school for being foster kids, they had hardened to the outside world.

When Candy Cox joins however, we see a side of Beckett that we don't really know and one that i loved.

He didn't think he could ever love but with Candy he comes about as close as he will ever let himself.

This is where we first see his protective and possesive side, but also where we find him start to become the Beckett we all know and love.

Throughout the book we get the reasons that have shaped each of their personalities, it is a very enlightening insight in to the ways of the 3 men.

Beckett's need to look after others is his sole reason for going into the life of crime.

His brothers need things, the other foster kids need money for school trips and the one thing he loves to see is the smiles on their faces.

As he gets deeper and deeper into the life, he finds that the one thing he wants but can't afford is the distraction of love.

We see him harden, Blake slip more and more into his own little world and we find out how Cole finds God.....

I have loved the whole series but this book just brought it all together and finished it perfectly.

The underlying feeling throughout the whole thing has been love, through the pain, the heartache, the deaths, love has always been there for these men.

Oh and we get to meet Mouse for the first time here, and who didn't fall for this beautiful soul and his knitting needles.

I think it's safe to say that this will go in to the list of my all time favourite books.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x