On the Ropes

by Christa Cervone


This is Gabriel Vega’s story and I am delighted that he got the opportunity to tell it.

This book will definitely have you on the ropes.

It is abundant when it comes to the emotions that it will draw from you. The characters are complete, you may not like everything they do but they are rounded, human and perfectly portrayed.

The story is like a well-oiled machine, each piece slots perfectly into place and each has it job to do, its own agenda and that is to deliver a story that ever so slightly a shift from the norm.

Gabriel hasn’t had it easy but makes no excuses for the life he leads now. He is more than he appears and getting to peel away the layers of this intriguing man was absorbing.

His early years were abhorrent and when he eventually ended up in the foster care system, I had feelings that my hope for the man that this damaged young boy could eventually be was gone. But surrounded by some great people he proved me wrong.

Because as an adult, he shows just what he is made of and it version of himself that he chooses to portray to the world on a daily basis, I actually think he is tougher on the inside. When his brother Jase turns up needing him, he does what any good sibling would do, his best.

Keeping is anger in check has always been a full time occupation – I mean it is why he is in the ring in the first place but this guy has a heart that is multi-faceted, you will understand that when you read about his work with kids.

Salem on the other hand had me slightly confused and distracted, I wanted her to be able to make choices that I knew were in her best interest but I lacked confidence in her ability to stand on her own two feet. There seemed to be a weakness that I just couldn’t put my finger on. But her conflict over her feelings towards Gabriel is handled beautifully.

But when Gabriel lays eyes on Salem, he has a need to change the habit of a lifetime, one night stands are his modus operandi and always have been, relationships hold no court for this young man, I mean you can’t miss something you have never had and loving someone leaves him wide open to a pain that he has no desire to ever experience again but he can’t run from what he can see before him and what he can feel and that is that he knows for the first time he wants more.

The story is emotional, passionate and packs its own punch, if you are anything like me you will be hooked and keen to catch the next book as soon as possible