Drop Dead Dirty

by Jade West

Oh Ms. West, you certainly have out done yourself this time…Oliver Kent is nothing short of awesome! From the outset he I knew he was going to leave his mark and boy oh boy did he…I’ve still not recovered!

Ladies be prepared to revel in the magnificence that Mr. Kent brings to the page because like the teasers for this book said…he is downright filthy, and I loved him for it!

He had his own specific likes and dislikes and they were just what I wanted to hear all about.

He was a force of nature, a human hurricane, was Maisie ready to face that storm head on?

 I loved the fact that’s he was such a fantastic character, she had the making of the perfect partner for Oliver, but they had a lot to overcome before they got to where they needed to be.

This was one of my favourite books by Jade West, one that was almost impossible to put down and that I would have no hesitation in recommending.

The story was fascinating, it hooked me in and refused to let go. The characters were sensational, the author made sure that they had plenty to say for themselves and that you were left in no doubt of what they were thinking and why. I found the situations that arose were described so beautifully that I felt every emotion, be that love lust or desperation but when it came to their physicality…well it was dirty all right!!

You will not want to miss this it is fantastic!!


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