Lost Desires by Rachael Orman

This is short dip into the reality that is many marriages but 10 years in and things have become stale, life has gotten in the way and finding time for romance is pretty much rooted on the back burner.

But putting things back onto the straight and narrow is not an easy topic to tackle – sensitivities and egos leave too much room for misinterpretations. But when the time comes that you can no longer keep quiet, it is time to man up and sort the issue out – after all what have you left to lose.

Brittany has reached the end of her tether, family, work, money all the usual pressures have her at her wits end and her husband Ian seems to be burying his head on the proverbial sand – but the intimate relationship between them has dwindled to such a state as it is almost unforgivable – they owe it to themselves to find a way to ignite their spark and after a chat with a girlfriend – Brittany puts the wheels of remedy in motion and seeks out the assistance of John, a sex therapist.

Now, I was a tad taken aback by the speed with which Brittany got with the whole therapist program, it is all good in theory but actually talking out their problems, I was with Ian and sceptical at first but this woman knew what she was doing and she certainly knew her man because after just one session – Ian is chomping at the bit.

Now John had me mesmerized, honestly there is therapy and then there is John, I mean he was their own little cheerleading squad – insisting on being on the side-lines when they were intimate, really I would have imagined that leading to more than a few problems but he really did just want to see if he could find the best way to help them and none better than watching them in action.

The whole story was a sexy – no that is probably doing them a disservice – it was smouldering and it showed the evolution of relationship, the fact that with a little time and effort you can turn the mundane into magnificent.

Great short, sexy read