Love Marriage and Mayhem

by Maggie Adams


Ok, so I have read the book twice now- I formed an original opinion that I have to say I have now revised.

This is book 4 in the series and reading them in sequence is important due to the continuation and crossover of storylines.

The book has a lot going on and a plethora of characters that you have to keep a close eye on, they are strong and hold nothing back.

I liked Ana and was glad that Claudia had her around while she recovered but her story was far from simple and adding Brandon into that mix was good to start with but when he gets the wrong idea about her situation things between them start to head south pretty sharpish but has he got it all wrong?

There is plenty more to discover between the pages of this book and between the couples that this author has created, Claudia and Lucky and Mac and Dixie they are all prominent in the story but what is more important is the implication.

This author is a master at implication and insinuation. She gives just enough detail for the reader to draw their own conclusions and I think that is a clever tool to have in your locker.

Small town mentality is a demon and the knowledge that the cast involved in each storyline is not limited to just the primary characters was a major draw for me, because it meant that anything was possible.

Topic: Love Marriage and Mayhem by Maggie Adams

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