Block Party

by Stylo Fantôme

The third book in the seriously entertaining Block Party series, this totally won me over, I thought the humour and tone of the story particularly engaging and the clarity of the work was superb.

I found myself thoroughly entertained by not only the characterisation but also a plot that was positively eventful

This book centred on Liam and Ayumi…and I am totally team Liam, he may have appeared to be a bit of a joker when we were first introduced to him in an earlier book in the series but that doesn’t mean that he didn’t build a wall around his heart after the events in that earlier encounter. Heartache tends to do that to you, no matter who you are!

Ayumi is the everything that Liam appears not to be, a woman that takes everything to heart and so, very seriously. Her life revolves around her career, but can this focussed and driven woman give the joker in the pack the chance to show her that she shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

I love the fact that they were polar opposites or at least that was the impression, because in reality who they were both, individually and as a couple was not as straight forward as it might have appeared.

As part of the series, this was a solid read and while it can be read as a standalone I would implore you to read the other two stories as I found the cross over of characters from the previous books called for some background information.

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