The Widow by Colette L Saucier

This was wasn’t what I had anticipated, and that caught me unawares. It was a thriller yes but it was a little darker than I actually had anticipated and probably more than I would have liked if I am honest.

Catherine had been a drug user in her youth and even now, her drug of choice may be her prescription medication or alcohol – really it was a wonder she wasn’t pickled the amount of liquor she digested but either way she was still chemically dependent.  

And I found this juxtaposed with her now vehement opposition to the drug trade. It was hypocritical to me for her to almost glorify what she had done or perhaps I should trivialise its significance. I didn’t and don’t like fact that she was so flimsy in her stance, I got the impression that she was anti-drug trade, because she was anti cartel not the drugs themselves.

But that didn’t stop her doing her damndest to get away from a life that she hated with every fibre of her being. I liked the fact that she was spirited, that she did everything they didn’t want her to do.

Catherine was married to the cartel, or should I say had been married to a member of the cartel but at eth beginning of the story we discover that she is burying her husband Adrian, following his murder. They may have been estranged but that didn’t mean that she got to live a life free of him and his activities, the cartel were ever present but now he is no longer around, this not so merry widow is ready to finally escape the vice like grip they have on her.

But she has another hurdle to face, one that she has been unaware of. The DEA has been watching her for years, pinning their hopes on the fact that through her they may be able to stop the cartel and its activity once and for all.

But their inside man David, isn’t about to let her go just yet, he has spent too long infiltrating the Martinez family to have his prime asset, walk out the door. And anyway his motives aren’t exactly all business either, he has feelings that he has kept under lock and key for too long

So looking around for a way to not only keep her on board but to actually enlist her help, the authorities have little choice but to use her to get what they need on Cesar.

Now I have issues with David, I really though for an undercover agent I would like him more but to be honest he just didn’t pull it off for me and the situation in the study with Cesar and Catherine was the final blow, I didn’t know what to make of him or her after that.

Now up until then I was getting with the program, I was feeling the book and in a way the storyline but that one scene finished me off and in the end I was glad to turn the last page.

Take that scene out and you have a story that is decent, it works in its own way and the ending, that was completely action packed but with the study scene in, I think I had actually glossed over