Wrong by Stella Rhys


This sets off with a fire at it heels and doesn’t let up, in fact the first few chapters may just scorch your fingertips they are that dang hot!

I didn’t exactly anticipate a character like Liam but now I have him, I’m not sure that I will ever actually be ready to let him go, the guy is just so fabulous.

This is Liam and Sasha’s story and while I will say straight off the bat that the author gave me some of the most debauched but exhilaratingly sensual scenes that I have every read and that is saying something.

But as you would expect there is more than just the whole step relationship conflict going on, they have a lot to keep secret yes but they also have a lot to share   and they shared that connection perfectly. Their story is one of out and love, it defied the odds and convention and it does so with a grace that made me swoon. Liam refused to back down from the way he felt about Sasha, she mattered too much to him and he wanted to make sure that even when they had to keep their relationship hidden that he never hid how he felt about her from her, he worshipped her and it was a beautiful thing to read.

I enjoyed the story and I really mean enjoyed it, yes it had its fair share of drama but for me I would travel across hot coals to spend time in the company of Liam Cage. The author was carefully to give each character their time in the spotlight and to ensure that we got a good hard look at who they really were, but don’t think that they are all nice, I think I may have been prepared to serve time for Pamela, she needed a serious slap.

Fabulous book to while away an afternoon.

Topic: Wrong by Stella Rhys

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