Luke's Absolution by KL Kreig

Although this can be read as a standalone story, I really would suggest that you try to find some time for the other books in the series as the Colloway Brothers are guys you are really going to want to get to know and there are a couple of items that seem to overlap from previous novels, although they do not detract from the story.

Luke’s past is a weight that he carries with him, unable to shake of the pain of the mistakes that he feels have removed the possibility that anyone will ever be able to love him. He has an almost persecution complex, feeling that anyone who aligns themselves with him is likely to be contaminated by his darkness…come on man get a grip!

Now, I don’t like a man that wallows , so this aspect of his personality was far from attractive to me but I hold my hands up because my disappointment was merely fleeting because when he is in full flow, this man is quite simply divine!

Luke likes Addy, he has for a while but since she is the sister of his best mate, things have been a little complicated. Now I find this whole concept completely unfathomable, really what the heck is going on with guys when they can be best buddies but can’t date the sister?

So when he finally gets his finger out and decides to make his move, I was delighted.

He was determined, pig-headed, alpha, call it what you will but hell would freeze over before anything stopped him from achieving his objective and that was to make sure that she knew exactly where they stood, she was his!

Now, I know the cave man attitude might not appeal to everyone and it certainly didn’t have Addy falling at his feet because boy did that girl give him a run for his money, she was having none of his sexy as sin ways and was determined to thwart him at every single opportunity. And I loved it!!!

There were made for each other, two halves of the same whole, the connection was undeniable, they made me both laugh out loud and hold my breath for much too long with their antics. The passion that fizzled between the two of them set the page alight. There was nowhere to hide, the heat just scorched its way off the page.

So what did I like most, well that would be Luke…I loved the fact that under his inked exterior beat a heart that was pure gold. I appreciated the way he opened up to Addy, he allowed her to peak under the surface, to almost decipher his past by the story that his tattoos told of him, but when needed he stepped up to the plate and laid himself out for her to see, faults and all. He gave her a part of himself that no-one had ever had…he gave her his heart.

They sprung to life when their hearts collided and I hope that somewhere in the imaginary ether they are happy together because that thought makes my soul sing.

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